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Contract manufacturing of plant-based drinks

Seize the opportunity to enter the high demand market of plant-based products with Raisio from Finland. We offer contract manufacturing of plant-based drinks and spoonables according to your recipe and as a private label.

We can produce multiple types of oat-based products, including oat drinks, barista, cooking creams, snack drinks, and spoonable products in different packaging sizes.

The new production facility is allergen-free, so there are no traces of soya, nuts, or dairy products. Products manufactured in the new factory are gluten-free and vegan.

Opened in September 2021, the new factory is designed only for plant-based raw materials and products. The highly automated processes ensure consistent quality, best possible product safety and full traceability.

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Oat expertise for decades

We have a long tradition of producing conventional oats and in addition over 15 years of experience from gluten free oats. If you are interested in developing new oat products, Raisio offers decades of oat expertise for contract manufacturing and ready to use products.

As raw materials, we can use whole grains, flakes, or different flours, depending on the customer’s desire.

We control the entire production chain, from the oat field to the production of end-products. We only use Finnish oats, which come from Raisio’s contract farmers located near our oat mill.

Ready to use Elovena oat drinks and spoonables for B2C sales

For restaurants, cafes, hotels, and retail, we offer Raisio’s own branded ready to use products.

Elovena is the most valued oat brand and 2nd most sustainable brand in Finland. Delicious oat drinks, barista, cooking creams, snack drinks, and spoonables are produced at the same new factory in Finland.

The new production facility and strong R&D ensure the high quality, purity, and excellent taste of Raisio’s plant-based drinks and spoonable products.

Plant-based packaging, traceability and a carbon-neutral site

The newest packaging technology and concept allow flexible adjustments according to your and consumers’ needs. The packages are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and are, for the most part, plant-based. The carton used in plant-based drinks is plant-based and recyclable. The carton for spoonable products is 80% of paper and can be recycled as a carton.

Automated production lines ensure full traceability of raw materials and the equipment and process parameters used for each batch.

The production facility is carbon neutral. The plant’s heat and steam come from its own bioenergy plant running on wood chips. The production uses carbon dioxide-free electricity.

With Raisio, you can easily achieve your sustainability and traceability goals.

Take your share from the growing plant-based product market with Raisio.


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