Raisio Group has completed the update of Nokia oat mill following some eight million (EUR) investment. The capacity and ability to produce gluten-free oats and oat fiber concentrates was increased significantly to answer the growing demand for high quality oat raw materials. Raisio has been a forerunner in gluten-free oats for over 15 years.

New production lines for Gluten-Free Oats and Oat Fibre Concentrates


The production of gluten-free oats at Raisio’s oat mill at Nokia, Finland will start during January 2020. Oats are naturally gluten-free but in normal production oats get contaminated with gluten containing cereals. In the production process of gluten-free oats there are several different cleaning stages to remove the unwanted cereals. The absence of gluten is secured with multiple analysis on each batch. The process at Nokia mill has been audited by a third party and the Finnish Coeliac Society has granted Raisio the right to use the crossed grain symbol in oat products manufactured at the new line.

The secure supply of gluten-free oats both in terms of volume and quality has been the concern of food industry and this is the problem we wanted to solve. With this investment Raisio is able to securely serve more and bigger customers, we do not run out of gluten-free oats. Oats are optimal nutrition for everyone but especially great addition to gluten-free diet often lacking fibre, vitamins and minerals.

In addition Raisio’s Oat Fibre Concentrates will be produced at Nokia mill. Raisio’s Oat Fibre Concentrates are manufactured with totally dry natural process with no chemical extraction steps involved. The Oat Bran Concentrates are rich in beta-glucan and protein. Beta-glucan is the fibre in oats responsible of the EU-approved health benefits related to cholesterol lowering, reduction of the blood glucose rise after meal and digestive health i.e. all the goodness of oats in concentrated form!


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