100% of our oats is purchased from Finland, mainly directly from farmers. Raisio has worked closely together with farmers for 80 years already. In Finland, family-owned farms play the key role in the grain production. Raisio purchases grain directly from farmers without any go-betweens. A short supply chain ensures grain traceability and transparency to primary production. Family-owned farms use very little external labour.

The majority of Finnish farms are part of the agri-environmental programme that includes binding regulations on the use of fertilisers and plant protection agents, among other things. The environmental responsibility of grain farms is also promoted by the conditions of EU subsidies regarding, e.g. biodiversity. Raisio’s farming contract conditions prohibit the use of sewage sludge as a fertilizer and the use of glyphosate during the growing season.

Raisio analyses, for example, residues of plant protection products, heavy metals and mould toxins in its grains. Only the grains that pass strict standards of quality are approved as raw materials for foods.

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