Why are Finland & Raisio Oats the best for contract manufacturing of plant-based drinks?

Have you heard of Finland, the happiest country in the world (by the UN World Happiness Report 2021)? An innovative and headstrong country in northern Europe with pure and captivating nature. The best place on earth to produce oat grains. The oats and the Finns go way back. Even babies are introduced to oats after turning six months. Raisio Nutrition Ltd. has operated in the oat business for decades and is specialised in gluten free oats. The carbon-neutral and quality-certificated oat masters are ready to share some words of wisdom. Now it is time to expand your selection with high-demand plant-based drinks for aware consumers.

The finest raw ingredients are farmed in pristine Nordic conditions

Finland has remarkable seasonal variation in the weather. In the summertime, the sun shines continuously, even during the night in midsummer. The oat fields bath in the tender sun and grow steadily in the temperate Nordic climate. In the winter, the soil freezes. These frosty nights help with pest control and reduce the amount of pesticides needed on the fields.

Grains as pure as the ones grown in Finnish nature are hard to find elsewhere. Farmers cultivate their fields in the cleanest air and with the clearest water. As an agricultural resource, oats do not burden the nature. Especially organic oat farming is based on utilising only natural biological processes. This increases the wellbeing of agricultural nature.

Oats are both celebrated daily nutrition and a source of innovative product development

Finns love their nature and celebrate quality oats as a part of daily nutrition. Gut-friendly oats support overall wellbeing. Finnish parents feed oatmeal to their children twice a day after they are 6 months old. Growing up with a daily dose of oats and experiencing its benefits make the Finns true masters of oat science.

The high education level and active scientific research and product development have led the country to a forerunner position in the food ingredient business. Finnish supermarkets are bursting with innovative oat solutions such as the pulled oats, oat drinks, barista products and spoonables.

Raisio Oats: spreading the joy of excellent oats – from high-quality grains all the way to high-demand plant-based products

Raisio Oats is a dedicated and reliable partner producing top-quality raw materials from oats. The product selection consists of oat drinks, barista, cooking creams, snack drinks, and spoonable products in different packaging sizes. As the biggest oat producer in Finland, Raisio’s high production capacity equals a secure supply, short lead times, a wide range of offerings, and competitive pricing. Close collaboration with contract farmers and a transparent supply chain guarantee easily traceable high-quality oats.

Most of Raisio’s oats are grown within a 100-kilometre radius from their mill. Raisio does not process anything of animal origin. The mill’s clean production lines do not expose to any allergens and produces only gluten free oats. The mill has been granted quality certificates such as BRC Food Safety Standard.

Customers can order raw materials, flakes, and flour to be used in their own food production. Also, a new comprehensive option of contract manufacturing is available: Raisio can finalise the raw materials to white label products according to the customer’s needs. The carbon-neutral mill uses recyclable packaging material and customers can brand the packages with their own look.

Partner with unique experience, established R&D and deep understanding of raw materials and recipes

Raisio’s experts are happy to offer advice and support to first timers entering the market with new products. Export Manager Emma Laivisto has eagerly awaited the possibility to introduce Raisio’s plant-based products to the international market.

“Our partners do not need to invest in their own R&D or obtain expensive equipment to enter the market with new products such as oat drinks or other plant-based goods. They have us as a backbone and can rely on our contract farmers, clean and responsible ways of processing, and customer-oriented product R&D. “

Consumer data and feedback guide the product development. In the Brand Valuation 2021 by market research company Taloustutkimus, Raisio turn out to be the most known and valued oat brand as well as the most known and preferred snacking and breakfast brand in Finland.

The whole world has the chance to embrace outstanding Finnish quality as Raisio starts global contract manufacturing. Food innovators and companies receive a loyal partner with a solid understanding of recipes, raw materials, product chains and development, consumer research and the importance of consultancy and customer support.

Contract manufacturing and ready to use plant-based products from Finland

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